Welcome to Norwegian Wine Expo

Norwegian Wine Expo's is this year's most important wine and spirit fair in Norway. The fair will take place in the Oslo Spektrum on August 24-26 2003

The initiator of this project is the Norwegian Wine and Spirits Importers' Association (VBF), and the main goal for the fair is not only to be a common forum where the industry meets, but also to be an arena where international producers and suppliers can meet Norwegian importers and distributors. This is an excellent opportunity to build relations and knowledge about the Norwegian market, that because of its state monopoly policy, differs from many other countries.
Welcome to an exciting fair in Oslo August 24-26 2003.

Please visit the Norwegian Wine Expo's home page at http://www.nwx.no , were you will find everything you need to know regarding this year's most important wine and spirit fair in Norway.

Forsiden akkurat nå

Det brygger opp til ny ølkrig

Importen av øl i butikkstyrke er nå så stor at hvert femte glass øl er brygget utenfor landets grenser. Mens noen frykter en reprise på ølkrigen fra begynnelsen av 2000-tallet, forklarer importør Carlsberg-Ringnes det hele med midlertidige kapasitetsutfordringer. Les hele saken

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