The association was founded in 1909 as Norwegian Wine Agents Association and changed its name to the Norwegian Wine and Spirits Importers Association (VBF) in 1997. Today the association has 24 member companies representing the worlds leading wine- and spirits producers in the Norwegian marked.

The main purposes of the association is to:

  • Secure that the consumption of alcohol in Norway takes place lawfully, consciously and in controlled forms.

  • Be a responsible part in Norwegian alcohol policy, and a supplier of competence knowledge in this field.

  • Secure the members interests towards central authorities, politicians, The Vinmonopol and others.

The association will work to:

  • Reduce border trade and smuggling by harmonising the level of alcohol-taxes on wine- and spirits in the Nordic countries.

  • Strengthen the Vinmonopol role by meeting consumer demands to increase availability and no. of shops, more self service, and longer opening hours .

  • Strengthen the reputation and framework of the wine- and spirits industry.

Some of the activities carried out by the Association:

  • Continuous contact with central authorities, politicians, organisations and research institutions which influence Norwegian alcohol policy

  • Organise conferences and political meetings

  • Update of discussion papers and other documents/reports on public policy issues

  • Newsletter with information regarding organisational activities and update on alcohol policy and market

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